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Sound Calendar - Sheet Music

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This book presents the unpublished set of 366 scores created especially for the project "Calendar do Som", carried out between 1996 and 1997. The creation process and the particularities of Hermeto's writing are revealed in a work that brings together the genius and imagination of a artist devoted to producing sound from everyday facts, objects and sensations.

Sound Calendar Sheet music, one for each day of the year, composed by Hermeto Pascoal. 

* The recording of each of these works is exempt from the payment of copyrights and released to the musicians of the world.



This eBook includes 366 pieces written by Hermeto Pascoal for his Sound Calendar or Calendar of Music project, carried out in 1996/1997. Hermeto's creative process and his handwriting characteristics are revealed to become evident when seen together with his music genius and the devoted artist that he is: making music from facts, objects and sensations. 

Calendar do Som includes a music sheet for each day of the year, all composed by Hermeto Pascoal. 

* The recording of these pieces is free of copyright for any musician willing to record them.

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