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Pelos Trópicos is the name of the third solo album by singer and songwriter Andreia Dias. In 2011, Andreia recorded an album traveling in 10 Brazilian capitals, leaving Rio de Janeiro, going to Belém and going down to Salvador. 

For a year, Andreia toured cities in the North, Northeast, South and Southeast of Brazil and interacted with local bands active in the pop scene in their cities. 

It was a journey of intense cultural exchange and tracing of the new contemporary pop scene in our country. An unprecedented and very courageous initiative, recorded at our own expense and with the help of collectives and friends spread across Brazil. 

In each city, Andreia was welcomed by a band or a cultural collective that introduced her to the local music scene. The songs and partnerships emerged during Andreia's stay in the city, periods that varied from a week to a month. 

All artists involved reside in their cities. 

01- Back and forth 
João Pessoa-PB Cabruêra/Andreia Dias 

02- Brisa Tropicana (Hot) 
São Luis-MA Criolina /Andreia Dias 

03- Beijin na na nuca 
Belém-PA Felipe Cordeiro /Andreia Dias 

04- Glove skin 
Recife-PE Zé Cafofinho/Andreia Dias 

05- Bandoleiro 
Fortaleza-CE Vitoriano/Andreia Dias 

06- Beautiful life 
Maceió-AL Banda Eek/Andreia Dias 

07- Body and mind 
Rio de Janeiro-RJ Thalma de Freitas/Andreia Dias 

08- Happy and seasick 
Belém-PA Andreia Dias/Léo Chermont/Arthur Kunz 

09- Xuxu Beleza 
Rio de Janeiro-RJ Do amor/Andreia Dias 

10- Aquilo 
Aracaju-SE The Baggios/Andreia Dias 

11- Neverland 
Natal-RN Thalma&Gadelha/Andreia Dias 

12- For the tropics 
Salvador-BA Baiana System/Andreia Dias


Produced by Andreia Dias and Arthur Kunz 
Executive production by Flavio de Abreu - Scubidu Music 
Mixed in Belém at Studio do Kunz by Arthur Kunz 
Mastered in SP At Estúdio Banzai by Leonardo Nakabayashi 

Cover art creation and production: 
Mônica Rodrigues / Mozart Fernandes 
Art Assistant: 
Daniel de Souza 
Internal Poster Photo: 
Pablo de Sousa 
Scubidu Music

CD Andreia Dias - For the Tropics

SKU: SDU-017

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