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Format: Digipack CD


Year of Production: 2010

Catalog: SDU-010

Digital Distribution: OneRPM

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1. Nights 03:06

2. Both of us 03:33

3. Rare Gem 03:27

4. Mulher 03:48

5. Mirror of the soul 02:41

6. Pomba Gira (part. Zeca Baleiro) 04:05

7. Rabiola dust 04:21

8. Weed 02:51

9. The pigs are in power 04:27

10. Astro Rei 01:46

11. Cadência 04:22



Produced by Ricardo Prado, Andreia Dias and Luque Barros

Pre-Produced by Luque Barros and Andreia Dias at Homer Studio

Recorded live by Yuri Kalil at Estúdio Totem in July 2009

Edited by Luque Barros, Ricardo Prado and Estevan Sinkovitz

Mixed by Ricardo Prado

Mastered by Leonardo Nakabayashi at Estúdio Banzai


Executive Producer - Flavio de Abreu - Scubidu Prods.

Photos - Gabriel Wickbold

Art and design - Mozart Fernandes - Vértices Scenography and Design

CD Andreia Dias - Vol. two

SKU: SDU-010

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