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Format: CD Jewel Case


Year of Production: 2011

Catalog: SDU-013

Digital Distribution: OneRPM

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1. Woman according to my father 06:31

2. Ball with friends 04:47

3. Sustainable love 04:27

4. Passing the turn 04:13

5. Down I 01:14

6. Secret 05:19

7. Neverland 05:55

8. Dreaming 05:14

9. Estrela 01:48

10. Quaresmeira 04:21

11. One day 03:55

12. High dawn 05:58

13. Deita II 01:34

14. Light in my eyes 03:44

15. Passion sung (The bear with the bright face) 00:40


Produced by Anelis Assumpção and Zé Nigro except the track “Quaresmeira” produced by Gustavo Ruiz.

Co Produced by Gustavo Lenza.

Basic arrangement of the songs "Mum according to my father", "Passando a vez", "Ball with friends", "Sustainable love", "Secret", "One day", "Light in my eyes" and "Dreaming": Anelis Assumpção, Bruno Buarque, Mau, Lelena Anhaia, Simone Sou and Cris Scabello

Basic arrangement of "Neverland" : Anelis Assumpção, Bruno Buarque, Curumin, Beto Villares and Lucas Martins and Gustavo Lenza.

Recorded between June 2009 and January 2011 mostly by Gustavo Lenza at São Macário, Ambulante, Minduca, The Kitchen, Capitão Monga, SiJu, Traquitana and Navegantes studios, having as  additional sound engineers Evaldo Luna, Bruno Buarque, Zé Nigro, Thiago Perlman, João Erbetta, Natalia Mallo and Simone Julian in São Paulo – SP – Brazil.

Mixed in March 2011 by Gustavo Lenza at Navegantes studio in São Paulo – SP – Brazil.

Mastered by Felipe Tichauer at the Red TRaxx Music studio in Miami – Florida – USA

Graphic Design – Anna Turra

Executive producer – Flavio de Abreu - Scubidu Produções and Mariana Piza

CD Anelis Assumpção - Sou Suspeita Estou Sujeita Não Sou Santa

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