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Format: CD Jewel Case


Year of Production: 2003 

Catalog: SDU-007

Digital Distribution: OneRPM

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1. Desafio 02:20

2. Amsterdam 03:08

3. Mano 03:13

4. Bed 03:48

5. Rabo de Saia 03:30

6. Eyes 03:04

7. Me account 03:21

8. Look at me 03:10

9. Node 03:04

10. Scream 02:51

11. Mais um santo 02:50



Produced by Danilo Moraes, Mário Manga and Swami Jr.

Collective arrangements. 

This CD started to be recorded in August 2000, but more intensively from October 2002 to April 2003 in the Pro Tools 24-bit system in the studios:


. Right Track by Homero Lotito

. Home-studio Danilo Moraes by himself

. Home-studio Marcelo Jeneci by Marcelo and Danilo

. Home-studio Kastrup & Salem by Guilherme Kastrup

. Wah-wah by Paulinho Lepetit

. Here we are by Mário Manga and Danilo

. Note by Note by Edu Vianna

Mixed on Trilha Certa by Homero Lotito


Mastered at Reference Mastering by Homero Lotito





Wandi and Mara, Manga, Swami, Homero, Leyve, Luizão, Caru, Chico Salem, Chico César, Teté, Marcelo, Gui, Dudu, Meno, Serginho, Fil, Douglas, Ferragutti, Ding, Roger, Alê Sahade, Constanze, Helena , Babhy, Patrícia, Moira, Fernando, Céu and all the dear friends who contributed to this work.

CD Danilo Moraes - Danilo Moraes

SKU: SDU-007

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