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Format: Digipack CD


Year of Production: 2009

Catalog: SDU-005

Physical Distribution: tractor

Digital Distribution: OneRPM

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1 Samba Lelê (with Ari Colares)

2 The Frog Doesn't Wash His Foot

3 Fui no Itororó

4 Marcha Soldado

5 Pezinho

6 Balaio (with Ari Colares)

7 Atirei o Pau no Gato

8 Happy Birthday to You

9 Pirulito Que Bate Bate

10 The Right Hand Has a Rose (with Danilo Moraes)

11 The Carnation Fought With Rose

12 Se This Street Were Mine (with Carlos Núñez)

13 Papai Curumiaçu (with Marcelo Pretto)

14 Boi da Cara Preta

15 Murucututu (with Marcelo Pretto)



All instruments (violins, tenor violins, percussions) and voices were played, sung, designed and arranged by Ricardo Herz with the exception of: 

Samba Lelê-  Prato de samba de roda_Ari Colares / Coro e palmas_Annabel Quinet de Andrade and Ricardo Herz 

Balaio - Pandeiro_Ari Colares 

Congratulations to you -  Palmas_Flavio de Abreu and Ricardo Herz

The right hand has a rosebush -  Voz_Danilo Moraes

If this street were mine - Ocarinas_Carlos Nunez (artist kindly provided by Sony-Bmg)

Papa Curumiaçu and Murucututu - Voice_Marcelo Pretto


Recording, music production, conception and arrangements: Ricardo Herz

Mixing: Diogo Ramos and Ricardo Herz

Mastering: Carlos Freitas

Production: Flavio de Abreu 


Photos: Annabel Quinet de Andrade (cover), Marina Herz (Child Herz) and Gabriel Boieras (violin and Herz 2008)

Graphic design: Thais Stoklos K.


Acknowledgments: Annabel, Mother, Father, Paula, Scubi, Jubé, Thais, Denise, Ari, Danileris, Mitsu, Carlos Nunez, João and Michel, family that always supports me, friends who listened and gave their opinion, teachers and colleagues who always helped me ! Thanks! 

CD Ricardo Herz for Children

SKU: SDU-005

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