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Format: Digipack CD


Year of Production: 2005

Catalog: SDU-004

Digital Distribution: OneRPM

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1. Ponteio 04:20

2. Samba Funk 03:55

3. Canto da Ema 03:31

4. Sky 04:27

5. Modinha 03:52

6. Mourinho 04:13

7. Back to the coziness 05:13

8. It's 03:49

9. Beatriz 04:25

10. Pass line 03:54

11. 1 x 0   02:38

12. Gil and Hamilton 09:04



Music production / Production 

Hamilton de Holanda/ Ricardo Herz 


Musical direction / Musical direction 

Hamilton de Holanda 


Phonograph Producer / Phonografic producer 

Ricardo Herz 


Executive production / Executive director 

Marcia Cavallini/ Cristina Barros 


Production Support / Assisted by 

Marina Herz 


Recorded in October 2004 at Estúdio Zabumba by André Magalhães and Felipe Julian. Tracks 7, 10 as well as the percussions and violins of track 12, recorded at the Baticum studio by Diogo Ramos. 

Percussions from track 11 recorded in Paris by Isaac Cohen. 


Recorded in October 2004, at Estúdio Zabumba by André Magalhães and Felipe Julian. Tracks 7, 10 as well as percussions and violins of tracks 12 were recorded at studio Baticum by Diogo Ramos. Percussion on track 11 was recorded in Paris by Isaac Cohen. 


Mixing / Mixed by 

André Magalhães/ Ricardo Herz 


Mastering / Mastered by 

Homero Lotito at the “Reference Mastering Studio” 


Musicians/ Musicians 

Ari Necklaces: Percussion/ Percussion (1,2,3,8) 

Dino Barioni: Guitar, 7-string guitar, viola caipira/ electric, acoustic and Brazilian guitars (1,2,4,6,8) 

Edu Ribeiro: Drums / Drums (1,2,4,8) 

Fernando do Cavaco: Cavaquinho/ Small four string Brazilian guitar(2,11) 

Heloisa Fernandes: Piano (5,9) 

Natallino Neto: 6-string electric bass/ 6-string electric bass (1,2,4,6,8,12) 

Zé Luis Nascimento: Percussion/ Percussion (11) 

Zezinho Pitoco: Zabumba and triangle/ Zabumba and triangle (6) 


Special guests/ Special guests 

Dominguinhos: Accordion and vocals (4) 

Hamilton de Holanda: 10 string mandolin / 10 string mandolin (8)

CD Ricardo Herz - Brazilian Popular Violin

SKU: SDU-004

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