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1. Dance of the Shaman (09:02)

2. Mavumvavumfocus (03:39)

3. Christmas (Floats Theme) (05:13)

4. Little House (26:36)



Recorded in just two days in 1976, at Rogério Duprat's Vice Versa studio, in São Paulo, the recordings have a rhythm section formed by Lelo Nazario (electric piano), Zé Eduardo Nazario (drums) and Zeca Assumpção (bass), in addition to saxophonists Mauro Senise, Raul Mascarenhas and Nivaldo Ornelas, guitarist Toninho Horta and vocalist Aleuda Chaves.

"In the concerts performed with this team, there was clearly a great interaction between all the musicians and the concept of Hermeto's work, both in the more structured compositions and in the freer ones. I believe that was the motivation that led him to want to record this material in the studio”, says Lelo Nazario.

After mixing, Lelo asked the engineer to make a machine-to-machine copy of the material. The matrix was eventually lost over time, but Lelo kept the copy in his studio archives for forty years.

With the recordings restored, this release fills a gap in time. Recorded in an especially experimental period in Hermeto's career, they are a strong insight into the incredible work of this group that, under Hermeto's revolutionary vision, created a unique musical language that would have a profound influence on generations of artists.


A Far Out Recordings release

CD Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa - Traveling with Sound (Imported)


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