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The 'accordionist' Hermeto Pascoal releases an unprecedented album in honor of Forró


Recorded in 1999, “Hermeto Pascoal e sua Visão Original do Forró” pays tribute to the genre in addition to showing the lyricist side of “Mago dos Sons”



On June 1st, the album “Hermeto Pascoal e sua Visão Original do Forró” will be released. Recorded in 1999 in Recife, the album has 17 tracks and features special guests such as Alceu Valença, João Claudio Moreno, Marina Elali, among others.


Hermeto plays the accordion (including the 8-bass) on all tracks of the album and is accompanied by musicians from Pernambuco and former companions, such as bassist Itiberê Zwarg, guitarist Heraldo do Monte, in addition to the late saxophonist Vinicius Dorin.


For Hermeto, recording forró not only shows that he keeps the memories of his origins. "My head is universal," he said. "I wasn't born to play just classical or just jazz," he declared. "Whoever walks on the line is a train."


Hermeto is the author of the lyrics of three of the four songs

sung songs that were recorded on the disc. One of them, "Uriama",

was interpreted by Alceu Valença. "You who hold the

ends there that I'm making some damn letters", he said.


The album is an independent release by Hermeto Pascoal through the @Scubidu Music label.



1 Forró in the Morning [1:58]
2 Brazilian Pantanal [3:11]
3 Sivucando in Frevo [2:44]

4 Pernambuco speaking to the World [3:32]
5 Frei Raimundo's Forró Academy [3:38]

6 Quadrilha na Roça [4:25]
7 Now I want instrumentals [4:28]
8 Forró na Toca [7:09]

9 Forró for Grandma Rosa Maria [5:43]
10 From Christmas to Mossoró [4:30]

11 The Egg [3:21]
12 The Spawn [6:40]
13 Forrozinho Brejeiro [3:20]
14 Uriama [5:07]

15 Fabricio's Ostrich at Dawn [4:24]
16 Adelzon Alves in Forró [5:17]
17 This Is Brazil [2:34]



Includes poster with a drawing made by Hermeto!





CD - Hermeto Pascoal and his Original Vision of Forró

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