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Format: Digipack CD


Year of Production: 2011

Catalog: SDU-012

Digital Distribution: OneRPM

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1. Creado Mute 02:57

2. On the way back from Pari 02:51

3. Mulambento 04:04

4. Early Agreement 03:50

5. Suprema Flor 03:22

6. Ledo mistake 03:19

7. Point of View 02:28

8. No Cume da Lapa 03:50

9. Another Lament 03:45

10. Zinco 03:09

11. Virtual 03:53

12. There Goes the Poet 03:21



Produced by Zé Nigro, Guilherme Kastrup and Danilo Moraes

collective arrangements

Recorded in the studios:

Sailors by Zé Nigro, Thalma de Freitas and Jerê

Tatu's Toca by Guilherme Kastrup

Chawarma by Danilo Moraes

From March to August 2010


Mixed at Estúdio Navegantes by Gustavo Lenza in Sep/Oct 2010


Mastered at Cosaloca Studio in New York by Seu João in Nov/2010


Photos: Alexandre Gonçalves, Flavio de Abreu and Danilo Moraes

Project and Graphic Design: Tissa Kimoto and Alexandre Gonçalves

Executive Producer: Flavio de Abreu – Scubidu Music

CD Danilo Moraes and the Mute Servants

SKU: SDU-012

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