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In celebration of Itamar Assumpção's 70th birthday, his first two albums  return to the scene remastered by Arthur Joly and manufactured in Vinil Brasil with all the details recovered, from the cover to the booklet. Unmissable. 



In 2019, Itamar Assumpção would be 70 years old. Among other actions that punctuate this ephemeris, the re-release of his first two albums - already internationally regarded as masterpieces - have a strong presence: Beleléu, from 1980 and À Próprias Custas S/A, from 1982.

Itamar was one of the most important names in Vanguarda Paulistana, a movement nicknamed 'damned', largely for breaking with the system of the major recording companies and maintaining total control over his work. Together, they bravely inaugurated the format of creation that is now considered the great driver of the phonographic system: the independent market.





At Own Expenses SA (1983)

A1    Negra Melodia (Jards Macale*, Waly Salomão)

A2    You Are Disappearing (Geraldo Pereira, Jorge de Castro)

A3    Vide Back My Address (Adoniran Barbosa)

A4    Fico Louco (Itamar Assumpção)

A5    Noite De Terror (Getúlio Côrtes)

A6    Oh! Curse (Arrigo Barnabé, Paulo Barnabé)

B1    Amanticide (Itamar Assumpção, Marta Rosa Amoroso)

B2    Batuque (Itamar Assumpção)

B3    Peço Pardon (Itamar Assumpção)

B4    Que Cheap (Itamar Assumpção)

B5    Complaint Dos Santos Silva Beleléu (Itamar Assumpção)






LP Itamar Assumpção - At Own Costs SA (Red)

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R$128.00Sale Price

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