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New Brazilian Music for Strings / Nueva Música Brasileña for Cuerdas

Ricardo Herz, solo violin, composition and arrangements / violin, composition and arrangements.
Tiago Costa arrangement / Arrangement of “Almost Caindo”


Ricardo Herz | Camerata Romeu New Brazilian Music for Strings Ever since he saw a show by Camerata Romeu for the first time, in 2016, Brazilian violinist Ricardo Herz dreamed of the day he would make music with this Cuban orchestra. Now that dream has turned into the album Nova Música Brasileira para Cordas, with Herz's compositions and arrangements for this unique, all-female string orchestra. Recorded live at the Basilica Minor of San Francisco de Assis, the orchestra's headquarters in Havana for 25 years, the album features 10 compositions by Herz in versions that combine the classical Cuban technique with the violinist's Brazilian swings.


Camerata Romeu is a unique Female Chamber Orchestra for its repertoire and scenic presence. Founded in Havana in 1993 by Zenaida Romeu, with the support of Fundación Pablo Milanés, it aims to promote composers from Latin America. The orchestra, which plays from Baroque to Rumba, has become an important school forming dozens of young instrumentalists who are part of orchestras in Cuba and around the world. Conductor Zenaida Romeu is part of the third generation of notable Cuban musicians, and in addition to her important academic performance, she has also accompanied important Cuban soloists and relevant international figures. Camerata Romeu has two Latin Grammy nominations and several Cubadisco awards.


Herz's technique brings to the violin the snort of the accordion, the snoring of the fiddle and the beautiful melodies of traditional and modern choro, uniting Brazilian and African rhythms and the sense of jazz improvisation. Graduated in classical violin from USP, his solid training also comes from the renowned Berklee College of Music (USA), and from the School of French violinist Didier Lockwood. Back in Brazil since 2010, Herz has been performing as a soloist with orchestras across the country. He has already recorded and released 10 albums and currently performs on the main stages of instrumental music in Brazil and around the world.





Camerata Romeo:

ZENAIDA ROMEU Direction / Direction


First Violins / Violines 1ros
Anabel Estevez Acosta Spalla / Concertino
Amelia Febles Diaz
Noelia Maria Garcia Olivera
Gabriela Iglesias Barrientos
Yilian Concepción Valada (Guest/Guest Violinist)


Seconds Violins/ Violines 2do.

Yadira Cobo Rodríguez Spalla / Main
Camila Martel Perez
Maite Gómez Estevez
Adria Gomez Baez



Lisbet Sevila Brizuela Spalla / Main
Beatriz Piloto Rodriguez
Denia Leon Cedeño
Leidy Laura Díaz Barrios (Guest/Guest Violinist)



Maria Carla Llera Soler Spalla / Principal
Mara Mercedes Navas Garcia
Daniela Valverde Gamez


low / low

Caridad Zaldivia Lores


Production and Agency / Representation, Production and Assistance – Camerata Romeu

Cinthia Oviedo Gibert

Stage Production / Utility

Roy Ernesto Ávila


Recorded live in Havana, Cuba days /
Recorded live in Havana, Cuba 7/20 and 21/2018 by:
Scorpio Studio

Sound engineer / Sonido engineer: Delio Ferrero Moreira
Assistant / Assistant: Iván Ferrero Loforte

Mixed and mastered at / Mixed and mastered at /Estúdio Arsis, São Paulo, Brazil by:

Daniel Tápia e/y Adonias Jr. – mixing / blending
Adonias Jr – mastering / mastering

Graphic design/graphic design – Bel Andrade Lima and David Alfonso Suárez


CD Ricardo Herz & Camerata Romeu


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